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THE BAD NEWS - New Hampshire is second to last in the country for providing affordable, accessible treatment.  We are also 2nd highest in the country for fatal overdoses per capita.  

THE GOOD NEWS - Reality Check offers brief in-person and telephone assessments to look at all the options. Then we support you through the process of getting insurance, finding detox services or a bed if needed, and provide the transportation.  

If you don't need in-patient treatment, we will help you with setting up out-patient treatment which will include counseling, building strong family and strong recovery networks, and referrals to medication assisted treatment if needed.   

At our Recovery Center you get support in any stage of recovery.  You will see what recovery life looks like.  And you can have it too. 

Don't have insurance?

You will most likely need insurance to pay for treatment.
We will help you sign up for insurance to be sure your treatment is covered.  You can also sign up at the link below, to be sure you have coverage before going to treatment.

Substance Use Disorder benefits are for people with Medicaid:
Call or go online to:  NH Healthy Families


We do not provide detoxing services.  However, if you need assistance to withdraw from drugs or alcohol, you will be referred to and transported to a facility that does drug or alcohol detoxification ans stabilization services. 

Other Emergencies

If you have immediate emergencies including food, homelessness, mental health issues, medications, or medical and dental needs, we get you help and provide needed emergency transportation.