What Do We Do? 

Reality Check provides comprehensive addiction services, while helping to build New Hampshire's addiction workforce.

How do we do it? 


We guide school districts and communities in prevention plan development and implementation, making it a permanent part of the culture.


We help sign you up for insurance and find treatment to begin the treatment and recovery process, and provide transportation to treatment.


We offer Recovery Coaching, addiction training, support groups, veteran supports, referrals, and much more at our Recovery Community Center.


Our Education Services help you get your high school diploma.  Or you can start (or finish) college.  We'll also help you start your own business! 

Get trained as an Advocate and inform our political leaders we urgently need funds for prevention, treatment, and recovery.


Become a Certified Prevention Specialist,  a Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor, or Certified Recovery Support Worker.  We can help you earn your  Addiction Credential.  Get NH state applications:
NH Board of Licensing for Alcohol and Other Drug Use Professionals.


BEYOND THE BORDER - The Opioid Pipeline

NH ECONOMIC REPORT : 2017 Costs of Addiction to NH

BOOK:  Dreamland: The True Tale of America's Opiate Epidemic

MOVIE:  Poverty Inc and  Minimalism - The Important Things

RX DISPOSAL:   Safe Disposal Bags

RC Monthly Rally

  NOVEMBER 5, 2018
Community Prevention:
Organizing prevention strategies that work for entire communities.
TIME: 6:00pm
WHERE: 45 Knight St, Jaffrey

DECEMBER 10, 2018
~ Stories of Recovery ~

Hear from people in recovery and how we can make our communities "Recovery- Ready".
TIME: 6:00pm

~ Free & Open to Public ~

  Congresswoman Kuster  and Reality Check working together for NH residents.

Congresswoman Kuster and Reality Check working together for NH residents.

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