What We Do …

Reality Check provides comprehensive addiction services to New Hampshire residents, and helps build the addiction workforce.

How We Do It … 


We guide school districts and entire communities in prevention plan development and implementation.


We help sign you up for health insurance, find treatment to begin the recovery process, and assist with transportation.


We offer Recovery Coaching, addiction training, support groups, veteran supports, referrals, and much more at our Recovery Community Center.


Our Education Assistance helps you start or finish high school or college, and to even start your own business. Or become a Certified Prevention Specialist,  a Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor, or Certified Recovery Support Worker.  -  Addiction Credential. 

IMMEDIATE HELP… CALL 211 and press 1

Answer some questions and be referred to detox or treatment based on needs.


TUESDAY - Veterans Stand Down 
Facilitator: Bradford Volz

This is a drop-in, peer-to-peer, open discussion support group for veterans facilitated by veterans. Some meetings will have topics and speakers sharing resources, supports, networking opportunities, and veteran events. 
Time: 630 - 730
Runs: 1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month
Contact: 801-1494

- Families Coping 
Facilitator: Sue Cullinane
This group is for parents, siblings, friends, and caregivers of loved ones who struggle with addiction, and those who have lost a loved one to the disease. Peer-to-peer support, respect, and confidentiality. Additional resources also provided.
Time: 630 - 730pm 
Runs: Ongoing

We are looking for facilitators to offer these groups: Grand-Families, All-Recovery Group, AA/NA, or others. If you would like to use the space to host a recovery related gathering, please call 532-9888 .

Learning the Signs Can Save a Life
Prevent an Overdose

January - April
Certified Tax Preparer
Call for appointment 532-9888

Reality Check receives Federal Support….

Congresswoman Kuster  and Reality Check working together for NH residents.

Congresswoman Kuster and Reality Check working together for NH residents.