Reality Check — just here to help.

               Austin, older son of the founder.

             Austin, older son of the founder.

Not long after beginning her own recovery from alcoholism in 2008, Mary Drew founded Reality Check in 2009.  It was founded as a way to help others in her community that were also suffering  from alcohol and drug addition.   After holding meetings in her kitchen for several years, Reality Check moved into its first office in October of 2016,  with the help of a White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, Drug-Free Communities 5-year grant.

Reality Check is a nonprofit in NH offering prevention planning to school districts and communities, increased access to treatment, recovery services, and holistic education. 

We are committed to increasing NH's addiction workforce, providing  guidance to secure a diploma, degree, or license.

We practice a "pay it forward" model to rebuild social capital and connection.  We believe we are only truly successful if we help others be successful.

And there are no requirements or referrals needed to use our services. 

                                                     Duncan, younger son of the founder.

                                                   Duncan, younger son of the founder.


Reduce alcohol and drug use and overdoses, and the economic and societal costs by providing comprehensive addiction services and access to addiction training to New Hampshire residents.   


People and communities collectively support and empower each other. 

Social Responsibility

Everyone served and employed by Reality Check receives guidance to access resources to improve their overall health.  All employees are also paid a Monadnock-region living wage.


Most of what we receive are freely-given gifts.  So we practice a “pay it forward”  way of life, and encourage everyone we serve to do this in their own lives.  Simple actions rekindle our instinct to care on a basic level for other human beings, and replace the concepts of individualism and competition with resiliency, a sense of belonging, and social connection.  By default, the combination of these concepts in action creates urgently needed, positive social change for generations to come. 

Board of Directors

Mary Drew, MS, MEd, CPS, CEO, Board Chair


Mary began her own recovery from alcoholism in March 2008, and in 2009 founded Reality Check to help reduce alcohol and drug use, abuse, addiction, and overdose.  Mary holds an MS in Community & Counseling Psychology, and an MEd in Counseling Education.  She also completed a two-year fellowship with the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration's Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, assigned to the NH Bureau of Drug & Alcohol Services, becoming an Internationally Certified Prevention Specialist.  Mary is a Substance Abuse Prevention Skills trainer, a Prime For Life trainer, a Recovery Coach, and a Recovery Coach Academy trainer.  Mary is also the Welfare Officer for three southern NH municipalities and lives in Jaffrey with her son, Duncan.

Terry Choate

Lieutenant Terry Choate

Lt. Choate has 20 years of vice president corporate experience for several Fortune 500 companies. Terry is dedicated to reducing drug-related issues by interrupting channels of distribution and does community presentations on drug trends, symptoms of addiction, reducing stigma, and increasing supportive services. He is a Lieutenant for the Jaffrey Police Department specializing in drug interdiction, and the owner of Blue-U Defense Corporation which teaches workplace violence recognition, safety, and signs of use.   Terry lives in Hancock with his wife.

Robert Beaven, Vice Chair & Treasurer

Robert has been in recovery for 22 years. He helped build a start-up organization within Merck focused on care coordination and population health management.  He helped create SCR21 (Stephen C Record scholarship), and has spoken at high schools  Robert works for Jennifer Consulting as a senior executive consultant focused on strategic business development and operational effectiveness.  As vice-chair, Robert will develop a strategic growth plan for the agency, ensuring the expansion of its impact and its long-term sustainability.  Robert lives in Jaffrey, NH.

Polly Morris

Polly Morris, BS, Board Secretary

Polly has been in Recovery since 2007.  Her work experience spans across the addiction spectrum, having worked in the prevention, treatment, and recovery fields, and being passionate about engaging community members. She is a Certified Prevention Specialist ,a Recovery Coach and a Recovery Coach Trainer.  Polly has a BS in Addiction Studies and is completing her Masters at Antioch University majoring in Advocacy, Social Justice, and Sustainability.  She believes anyone at any stage of addiction can get help.  Polly lives in Winchester, NH with her beloved cat.

Bradford Volz, US Army Veteran

Bradford is a retired Army veteran with 90 months deployed in 12 years, and is a devoted husband, brother, and son. Bradford is in recovery and the Executive Director at the Addiction Recovery Coalition, home for men in Hancock, NH.   Bradford founded VETERANS RECOVER providing veterans with guidance and support to navigate and secure VA benefits and services.  Bradford is a  Recovery Coach providing peer support to people seeking recovery, and is always ready to drop what he's doing to help another in need.  He is a committed volunteer for a variety of nonprofits throughout the Monadnock Region, and lives in Wilton with his wife.

Mary Ewell.jpg

Mary Ewell, PhD

Mary has lived and worked in the Washington DC metro area for the past 22 years, earning her PhD in the Physical Sciences in 2010.   At George Mason University Mary promoted STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) by increasing graduation rates and connecting graduates to STEM employment, while developing the STEM Undergraduates for Renewable Energy (SURE) club.  Having recently moved to NH, Mary is active in the Monadnock Sustainability Network and its solar initiative, and the Monadnock Progressive Alliance.  She is working to become a Certified Prevention Specialist for the state of NH, and lives in Spofford with her husband.

 What we are NOT:

  • a medical model or provider of medications
  • a residential (in-patient) facility for treatment services
  • a residential home or recovery housing
  • a provider of detoxification or stabilization services