Start Here | Prevention | Treatment | Recovery

What we do:

  • Develop drug & alcohol prevention plans for school districts and communities;

  • Provide support finding treatment that’s right for you;

  • Provide community-based recovery support services;

  • Provide training and scholarships leading to certificates and licensure in the addictions field;

  • Build new partnerships in communities to collectively reduce alcohol and drug use, abuse, and overdoses.

How we do it:

Prevention Planning

 We develop comprehensive prevention plans for school districts K-12, and plans for entire communities.  Become part of the solution, engage youth and young adults, and help prevent addiction for future generations.

Getting Treatment

Think you or someone you know could use some help?  We offer  supported referrals to treatment and transportation .   

Finding Recovery

The Recovery Center provides Recovery Coaches, phone check-ins, support meetings, addiction training and scholarships, workshops, and activities to rebuild mind, body, and spirit to ensure your recovery remains strong.

We are not:

  • A medical model or provider of medications

  • A residential treatment or rehab facility for

  • A residential home or recovery housing

  • A provider of detoxification or stabilization services