Scholarships for
People in Recovery


Reality Check is working to build the NH Addiction Workforce.
You can be a part of the solution.  We can help.

Become a NH Addiction Professional:

  • Certified Prevention Specialist

  • Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor

  • Certified Recovery Support Worker


    Work in schools, organizations, hospitals, and businesses implementing prevention strategies to reduce youth and adult use of substances.  Focus is also on changing community environments. Some assistance is available to pay training costs.

    Download the Certified Prevention Specialist Certification Manual
    Download the Certified Prevention Specialist Matrix
    For more information on certification call or visit:

    Prevention Certification Board of New Hampshire
    PO Box 1088 Manchester, NH 03105
    Phone: 603-828-8958 or  

    IC & RC Credentialing Website


    Want to be a treatment counselor? 
    To become a NH LADC, you will need to:

    The process to become licensed can be challenging. 
    We are here to make sure you are successful.  Questions about requirements - call or email the Licensing Board at   (603) 271-6761


    Requirements:  Attend the Recovery Coach Academy, Recovery Ethics, HIV, Suicide, and other trainings, complete 500 hours of coaching, get 25 hours of supervision, and take an exam.  CRSW's help people build strong recovery and community connections. Below are pieces of the  APPLICATION PACKAGE.  Submit to the Board of Licensing as a package.

    License:  $110      Exam $115
    Additional information: NH Board of Licensing for Alcohol & Drug & Other Drug Use Professional


    The Nationally Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist national credential is based on demonstrated competence, skill, training, and experience without testing through December 31, 2018.   Nationally Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialists (NCPRSS) are individuals in recovery from substance use or co-occurring mental health disorders whose life experiences and recovery allow them to provide recovery support so others can benefit from their experiences. The purpose is to standardize the knowledge and competency of peer support to individuals with substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders.   This one-time test-exemption offer is available from January 15, 2018 through December 31, 2018. To take advantage of this offer, visit the NAADAC website at to learn about eligibility requirements and the application process.