Held at 17 Turnpike Rd, Jaffrey

MONDAY - Grief & Loss 
Facilitator: Leaf Seligman
This group offers a brave, respectful place to explore and express grief. Drawing on the healing power of a circle, everyone has the chance to speak and just listen. The group will provide warm accompaniment for individual grief processes, whatever the cause may be.
Time: 600 - 700pm
Runs: January 21 - February 25

TUESDAY - Veterans Stand Down 
Facilitator: Bradford Volz

This is a drop-in, peer-to-peer, open discussion support group for veterans facilitated by veterans. Some meetings will have topics and speakers sharing resources, supports, networking opportunities, and veteran events. 
Time: 630 - 730 pm
Runs: Ongoing
Contact: 801-1494

- Forgiveness & Healing
Facilitator: Leaf Seligman
Studies show forgiving transforms us emotionally, spiritually and physically, reduces depression, increases hopefulness, lowers blood pressure and reduces stress. This 6-week group will use The Book of Forgiving  to introduce people to the Four-Fold Path of Forgiveness.
630 - 730pm
Runs: January 26 - March 6

THURSDAY - Families Coping 
Facilitator: Sue Cullinane
This group is for families of loved ones who struggle with addiction, and those who have lost a loved one to the disease. Peer-to-peer support and respect, resources provided.
Time: 630 - 730pm 
Runs: Ongoing

We are looking for facilitators to offer the following groups: Grand-Families, All-Recovery Group, AA/NA, or others Call 532-9888 if interested.

Resources & Support Groups in the Eastern Monadnock Region:

                   STATEWIDE MEETINGS: 

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Support Group
DAY: Sundays
TIME:   6:15pm - 7:30pm
Monadnock Community Hospital
Conference Room 1 & 2
Peterborough, NH

Granite Mountain Area NA Meetings
802  - 773 -  5575

Men's Depression Support Group
Every other Tuesday night - 7pm
Jaffrey Civic Center, Main Street, Jaffrey

The group provides support without judgment for those of us who deal with depression. There is no obligation to speak but sharing is welcomed. It is a voluntary, no cost chance to listen, garner strength, and realize you are not alone.

Women’s Depression Support Group
Wednesdays 7:00 pm
Peterborough, NH
Are you trying to cope with depression, anxiety, stress, panic attacks? This informal group is for you and provides support without judgement. There is no obligation to speak, but sharing is welcomed. It is voluntary and costs nothing to attend. This is a chance to listen, garner strength from others, and realize you’re not alone.
CONTACT: Christine
924-7959 for more information

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Support Group
DAY:  Sundays
TIME: 9 am - 10 am
Serenity Center, 36 Carpenter St, Keene, NH