Why donate?

NH residents are dying at historical numbers. Your donation will help prevent drug abuse and stop overdoses.  

Fatal Drug Overdoses in NH
2012 -  163 
2013 -  192 
2014 -  326
2015 -  439 
2016 -  479

2017 is on target to be the deadliest year in NH in history.

  • NH is 2nd to last in the country for providing affordable, accessible treatment to residents
  • NH is now 2nd in the country, (up from 26th) in fatal overdoses per capita (only slightly behind West Virginia)
  • Only 6% of people needing treatment actually get it. 

Reality Check is in the beginning phases of it's development, and needs continued support to be able to sustain it's valuable services while growing and adding even more resources to benefit our communities.

Reality Check is committed to:

  • Increasing New Hampshire's addictions workforce
  • Providing information, guidance, and resources to individuals wishing to recover from substance abuse
  • Providing information, guidance, and resources to school districts and communities wishing to implement substance abuse prevention programs.
  • Providing guidance to individuals who wish to complete high school, college, or certificate/license programs

Can't make a monetary contribution? Your time is just as valuable! Contact us to find out how you can  begin making an impact towards solving the drug & alcohol epidemic! Thank you for your support!

Your donation will help save lives.

Urgent action is required to stop the fatalities caused by drug use.

Thank you - from all of us.